Remember Where You Came From

This thought came to me while I was driving back from Tennessee to New York. As I watched the sunrise in front of me with such big beautiful, bold and brilliant colors I was transfixed and began to think about how exciting and energizing sunrises are. That made me think of sunsets and how they’re calming and relaxing.

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Hiking & Hearing From God- VLOG

Walking Through It
During my hike through the Smoky Mountain trails I felt inspired by The Lord to share about the various seasons we walk through in our lives. Sometimes going through the journey is great; it’s amazing. Just like going up a difficult trail. You feel amazing, energized and encouraged. It was all worth it to get to the top!

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3 Reasons Why God Won’t Make Your Debt Disappear

god and debt

God And Debt
Let’s face it! We live in a country that is drowning in debt. Literally every second our National Debt is climbing. There’s even a website that you can visit to watch it rise, as we continue spending money that we don’t have. Somewhere along the way, we bought into this lie that tells us that we need credit and there’s such a thing as good debt.

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