Christian Books | My Favorites Part 2

This weeks video is about My Favorite Christian Books Part 2! I have personally read these books and absolutely love them for different reasons. Watch to hear my review of each and why You should definitely consider adding these into your Christian Book Collection Today! I hope and pray this is helpful for you. 

Check out My list of Favorite Christian Books here: 

1. Chase The Lion-

2. I Was Broke Now I’m Not-

3. The 5 Love Languages-

Link for Budget Spreadsheets from Joseph Sangl here-

Motivation Message 02 | Getting Over Your Past

Today’s Motivation Message 02 is all about the fact that You Are Not Your Past. This video is an encouraging message to help you move forward from the person that you used to be and the things from your past.  I give you scripture and uplifting words to remind you that you are not your mistakes and encourage you to keep moving forward into the new life you have now with Christ. I pray you are encouraged today! God Bless. 

My Top 5 Must Read Christian Bloggers | 2018

In this weeks video I’m giving you guys My top 5 Must Read Christian Bloggers! I have personally read and been blessed by each one of these Christian Bloggers through their writing. Each one of these Christian Bloggers has something specific and unique that they write about and hopefully you will connect with one or all of them. 

You should definitely add these blogs to your weekly reading. I hope and pray this is helpful to you and these blogs bring value and blessing in your walk with God!

1. Milk and Honey Faith-

2. Married by his grace-

3. Grey Ministries-

4. Military Wife After God-

5. Chronically Whole-

I’m Getting Evicted | How Do I Trust God’s Plan?

Getting Evicted | Trusting God’s Plan

This week’s video is on the fact that I’m Getting Evicted and asking the question How do I trust God’s plan! In this video I share my life, my thoughts and how I’m working through this unexpected news. How do we a Christians handle these curveballs in life and how do we trust God’s plan even when we don’t understand.

Hiking & Hearing From God- VLOG

Walking Through It

During my hike through the Smoky Mountain trails I felt inspired by The Lord to share about the various seasons we walk through in our lives. Sometimes going through the journey is great; it’s amazing. Just like going up a difficult trail. You feel amazing, energized and encouraged. It was all worth it to get to the top! But just as we walk with Christ through different seasons sometimes we experience pain and difficulty after those mountain top moments.

We have to push through in order to get to the next part the lord has for us. If we stay still and refuse to move we’ll just be stuck in the woods. Spiritually and emotionally you’ll be stuck if you don’t push passed the pain, get up and move. The only option is to move forward. You know what’s behind you. You’ve been there. But you have to move forward into the unknown in order to get out of the pain you’re in now.

“Strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to remain true to the faith. “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God,” they said. -Acts 14:22 NIV

We all need to hear this as we walk with God. The encouragement through the hard times to remain steadfast and continue believing in what we know is the Truth. Stay in it; Continue on the path that he has you on. Our God never fails and never disappoints. Have faith, he’s leading you towards something great!

Blessing In The Journey

For me, that day, the something great happened to be an amazingly gorgeous waterfall that made it more than worth it. After nine miles of hiking and sweating, he blessed me to witness one of his beautiful and remote creations such as this. Our God is awesome!!