A response to Facebook live Shooting

Early in the morning I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I came across a friends post mentioning the horrific shooting of an elderly man named Robert Godwin on Facebook live. Shocked, saddened and horrified all I could do was pray.

It wasn’t until later in the day when I left work that I saw another friend mention the shooting and why people shouldn’t watch the video.

Some things are just not meant to be seen. And this happened to be one of them.

The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. -Matthew 6:22NIV Click To Tweet

I searched Facebook for more information very carefuly, as to not stumble upon the video and potentially play it.

Curiosity Killed More Than Just The Cat

Many of you will hear this story and immediately feel compelled to look up the video and watch it.

After all that’s what we do right? We’re curious by nature. We have questions and we seek answers. In a world where google is king and video is queen it seems almost second nature to watch the video that has everyone in such an uproar.

We say things like curiousity killed the cat. Yet we give ourselves permission to absorb anything and everything with no consideration for how these images and information are shaping and changing us.

In this case, curiosity will not kill the cat but it will kill our spirit.

Who’s To Blame?

I always grew up hearing people say “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. So, I guess, whether or not guns are bad is subjective.

Our present day struggle is with a different kind of weapon. Technology.

People think technology is bad, but just like a gun it all depends on how you use it. Some people use technology to change the world in the most amazing ways. I mean after all I’m a Christian Blogger. I’m a first hand example of trying to use technology for good.

But just like anything in life where there is good there is also evil; a result of the sin in the world from the fall of man.

I guess I would say “Technology isn’t bad, people are bad.” Therefore “Bad people do bad things with technology”. And in this particular instance technology didn’t kill Robert Godwin, a bad man using technology did.

And we’re left with the video.

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

I urge you. No! I implore you to guard your eyes and your hearts from this video. Talk to your children and take steps to ensure they don’t see this as well.

We’re so accustomed to being entertained that we dehumanize something as graphic and gruesome as this video. Robert Godwin was a human being and a man of God. He deserves the dignity and respect of not being used as entertainment for the curious person.

His murder is very real. It’s not a Hollywood movie.

Where’s our humanity? How does watching such an inhuman act make us any better? And are we just as bad as the person who committed this crime by participating in watching it?

Everytime someone watches that video we’re killing Robert Godwin over and over again.

Hope For The Hope-Less

I can’t offer you an exact answer as to why this happened. I can’t make you feel safer or better or even less angry. But what I can offer you is a Hope. A hope of knowing that God is never done. And what happened next in this story is a perfect example of that fact…..

As the breaking news story continued I watched, in amazement, as Godwin’s tear filled family spoke words of forgiveness and compassion towards, the killer, Steve Stephens.

Godwin’s daughter said “Each one of us forgives the killer, the murderer”.

His other daughter credited their strong faith and relationship with God as the only reason they’re able to get through this. They even stated how sad they feel for Steve Stephens and they wish to only embrace him in compassion.

This morning law enforcement found Steve Stephens dead.

He killed himself.

The Calm In The Storm

Everything that I represent is about “Living on Purpose With Purpose” and being intentional. Living a life of passion and purpose for God. I didn’t watch the video and I don’t ever plan to, but I can tell you that this man was very intentional about the evil act that he was going to do on Easter Sunday.

There is no doubt in my mind that the senseless shooting of this man happening on Easter Sunday was no coincidence. The Devil doesn’t take a day off.

As believers we need to be intentional about how we respond to situations like this and follow the incredible example that Robert Godwin’s daughters are setting.

God’s word tells us to be rooted like a tree by the water. That way, when everything and everyone is going crazy amidst the chaos, we are still and steadfast. We become a reflection of Christ to the world. A refuge for those in need.

So my fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ let us join together, plant our feet and not move. If we stay very still in the storm people will know where to run for comfort.

Help them to cope.

Help them to not lose hope.

Tell them…..

God is not done yet!

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  • In this world that is so entertained by these kind of things and with technology making it easier to experience them, it is hard to set yourself apart. Thank you for the encouragement to stand firm in what I believe in!