Waiting On God’s Promises for your Life | What To Do In The Waiting

Hey Guys! This message is titled “Catching Your Tailwind” and will help you learn how you should handle waiting on God’s Promises for your life and what to do in the waiting season.

This video is an opportunity I had recently to preach at a Conference for Young ladies.

It’s all about waiting on God’s Promises for your life and what to do in the waiting. I was so honored to share this Holy Spirit inspired message.

This was my first time EVER preaching and teaching, so I wasn’t planning on sharing it. My mom actually recorded it, without my knowledge. So that answers the question of why the video quality is so poor. Sorry about that.

Shi Walks With God is not traditionally a channel that I use as a platform for sharing preaching or talks, whatever you prefer to call it, but this is a door that God opened for me. So I’m believing that it’s not just for me.

After some friends, family and many of you guys encouraged me to share this, here it is.

I pray this message will in some way Bless you or someone you know who possibly needs it. Let me know how you feel about this kind of content in the comments. I’m pretty open to hear what you have to say.

Thanks for always being so awesome and supporting this Ministry! God Bless.

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