Hey there!

My name is Shina and I’m a Christian Lifestyle Blogger and Youtuber.

This is a place where I share my thoughts, passions and inspirations that help me live a life I love with God.

Shi Walks With God is a lifestyle blog about spiritual growth and intentional living. My hearts desire is to share what I’ve learned and encourage others to pursue their God given passions and live with purpose.

My Story

After accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior in December of 2005 I began my spiritual walk of faith. I spent my early years as a new believer growing deeper in knowledge and understanding of God’s word.

At that time the Lord led me to begin using my gift of singing in the Church worship choir. I became a youth Leader in the Church and went on Missions trips to help the least of these.

After finally completing my undergrad degree in Psychology, I graduated in the spring of 2012 with countless awards and high honors.

I was on the road for Psychology greatness.

I had the highly sought after job as a research coordinator at a prestigious research institute. According to  “the world” I had the dream job which should have given me the “dream life”.

But it wasn’t My Dream.

My life didn’t feel like my own. I would go back and forth between my “Real Life” of working a job I hated and my “Dream Life” of serving in ministry. Leading worship and serving on missions trips would give me passion and purpose.

I was just going through the motions and living two lives wasn’t working anymore. I was unhappy and got to the point where I dreaded waking up every morning.

I was letting all the people, pressure and other things around me dictate my life and when things didn’t work out I would blame others for it. I wasn’t taking responsibility for my own life.

So after a lot of failures, poor choices and devastating disappointments I finally hit rock bottom. It was then that I decided to leave that life behind.

After I left my job I made a commitment to living intentionally in all areas of my life; Professional, personal, emotional and of course spiritual. I started trying new things, new hobbies, discoving new passions and living a healthy and balanced life. I got rid of unhealthy things and pursued a life of peace and tranquility. I was Creating a Life I love.

Through that choice, God led me to create a new ministry; Shi Walks With God Blog. A place where I can share all my wisdom and teach others how to live with purpose.

What is Intentional living?

It’s about actively choosing the kind of life you want to live and pursuing what you were created for.

When the purpose God gave you is put into action you can create a life you never even dreamed of or imagined.

Who is Shi Walks With God Blog for?

Anyone who wants to live a life filled with purpose, passion and inspiration.

Those who desire the power and authority to take control over their life and make manifest their unique calling from God.


Live with purpose and Create a life you love!