Losing Hope In Humanity | A response to Facebook live Shooting

Early in the morning I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I came across a friends post mentioning the horrific shooting of an elderly man named Robert Godwin on Facebook live. Shocked, saddened and horrified all I could do was pray.
It wasn’t until later in the day when I left work that I saw another friend mention the shooting and why people shouldn’t watch the video.

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An Engagement Restored By God | My Story

An engagement restored by God

A Engagement Restored By God | My Story
Based on the title of this post you can imagine there’s so much to fill you in on. God’s been doing some crazy things in my life.
The initial response usually starts with……
“You’re engaged?! WHAT?!!!” Immediately followed by “I didn’t even know you were in a relationship!!”

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