DIY Marble Desk Makeover | Affordable & Easy (IKEA HACK)

DIY Marble Desk Makeover | Cheap & Easy (IKEA HACK)!

Watch me Makeover my old IKEA Desk into a beautiful all white and Marble piece. I absolutely love the way it came out and it was super cheap and easy.

For anyone who doesn’t know, I recently moved and now have a new office space. I’ve been trying to make the space my own and this DIY Marble Desk Makeover is one more step in that process.

Check out the complete list of what you need for this DIY By clicking the SHOP tab in the Menu.

Follow Me Around Gym Day & Morning Routine VLOG

Follow Me Around Gym Day & Morning Routine VLOG

This is the first episode in my new Shi Fit Series. The part of my channel dedicated to sharing how I stay fit and healthy. This weeks video is Follow Me Around Gym Day & Morning Routine VLOG. I take you along with me through my day from the morning to my gym routine and what I do afterwards. So Follow Me Around today! Thanks again for watching.

2017 New Year Goals & New Office | Christian Youtuber

2017 New Year Goals & New Office

Happy New Year Guys! I’m so excited to be back and have missed you all so much! Thanks for stopping by and watching. The last few weeks have been crazy with moving and the Holidays, so I wasn’t posting for 3 weeks. But I am so happy to announce that I’m back with a new office space and so many new things to be on the lookout for this 2017 year.
This weeks video is sharing my 2017 New Year Goals & New Office. I will be posting some of the DIY stuff that I’m doing in the office in the coming weeks. I will also be posting twice a week from now on. That’s right! You heard correct! I will be VLOGGING more in 2017!
I’m so excited for what God is going to do this year! Happy New Year! 2017! God Bless you all!