Finding Your Passion

Finding Your Passion | A Love-Hate Relationship With Your Calling

I think a lot of people give up on the one thing they’re really passionate about.

Much of it has to do with our perspective. We assume because God gifted us in a particular area that we should automatically love it and want to do it all the time.

When in reality, Pursuing your passion is really more of a Love-Hate relationship.

Pursuing your passion is really more of a Love-Hate relationship. Click To Tweet

The Struggle Is Real

I’ve had my own personal struggle over the years with my passion for music and always hit the same roadblock; not always “Wanting” to do it.

Unless giftedness is coupled with a complimentary work ethic it'll only result in wasted potential -Mark Batterson (Chase The Lion) Click To Tweet

It’s the weirdest thing!

When I’m working on music I get lost in it and it’s the most amazing feeling, but it’s not an easy process. Turning off all the noise around me and taking time to work on my craft can be difficult.

It’s hard work and requires a lot of time and patience. It can be hours and hours of working on one verse, one line or one melody.

Often times, just thinking of all the ideas I want to accomplish with music can be overwhelming. There are so many things I desire to do with it and create that it can feel like too much.

A Thin Line

When it comes to  something we care a lot about we become fearful of “messing it up”.

We approach our dreams and passions in the same way; too afraid to go after it because of the hurt we’ll feel if we fail.

We forfeit our dreams on the altar of fear- Mark Batterson (Chase The Lion) Click To Tweet

We love our passion because it’s what inspires and gives us purpose, but we hate how afraid we are of giving it breath and life.

“It’s a thin line between loving and hating your passion”

You Should “Want” To

It’s because of this fine line between loving and hating your passion that I think a lot of us give up. Society tells us that if we don’t “Want to do it” all the time then it obviously isn’t what we should be doing.

I personally think society got it wrong and don’t subscribe to that philosophy. It contradicts all the foundational principles for sustaining any kind of relationship. Especially a relationship with our passion!

You would never tell a husband “Well if you don’t ‘feel’ like loving your wife then you shouldn’t be with her.”

No that would be crazy and irrational! So then why would you ever give this advice to someone regarding the one thing they’re most passionate about?

We all know how unreliable our feelings can be; they’re fleeting. You can’t just decide to give up on something you love simply based on how you feel.

Relationships Are Work

We have to change our perspective about what finding and pursuing your passion will look like. The truth is that it’s hard work and a lot of times you won’t “want” to do it. Nothing about this relationship will be easy.

Any kind of love isn’t easy.

Our relationship with our calling is no different.

It takes years of discipline and hard work to get to the point that you “want” to do it. Even when you don’t feel like it.

We easily look at someone else’s relentless obsession with their passion and think our’s somehow pales in comparison. Remember, that person has their own personal relationship with their calling. Stay focused on yours.

Don’t let your lack of motivation toward your calling determine your level of ability to achieve it.

Don't let your lack of motivation toward your calling determine your level of ability to achieve it. Click To Tweet

It’s a Journey

Just like our relationships with people, there will be seasons of highs and lows with our passion. Sometimes it’ll feel like you can’t live your life without it and other times it’ll feel like you made the biggest mistake by pursuing it.

Even right now you may feel uninspired and want to quit. Maybe you think you’re not called to pursue that gifting because you’re comparing yourself to others.

But don’t give up on your calling! No one said it would be easy. In fact, God said it would be hard at times.

But he put your calling in you and He will be faithful to complete it.

He will reignite your passion.

All you have to do is fall back in love!

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  • I love this Shi Marie! Yes, our calling is a journey and God prepares us for our calling regardless of our circumstances or our season! I look forward to sharing a link to your article in my July newsletter.