I’m Getting Evicted | How Do I Trust God’s Plan?

Getting Evicted | Trusting God’s Plan This week’s video is on the fact that I’m Getting Evicted and asking the question How do I trust God’s plan! In this video I share my life, my thoughts and how I’m working through this unexpected news. How do we a Christians handle these curveballs in life and…

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The Christian Youtuber Tag

Hey guys! Thanks so much for watching this weeks video The Christian Youtuber Challenge! In this video I answer questions about being a Christian Youtuber, how I got started as a Christian Youtuber and other questions to help you get to know me better. This video was originated by Martha a Christian Youtuber at her…

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How To Live Your Dream Life

How To Live Your Dream Life! In this video I share with you 6 things that you can do to start living your Dream life. This video was inspired from a seven day devotional called “Chasing The Lion” by Mark Batterson. I explain 6 ways how the story of Joseph illustrates how to live your…

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