2018 Intentional Living Challenge!

The 2018 Intentional Living Challenge is a 21 Day long plan that will help you build better habits to live each day with purpose.


For Anyone who signed up late or missed it.

We’re Starting On February 12th!

Each week introduces a new healthy habit into your life. Throughout the 3 weeks you’ll be led through daily habit building prompts to help you clear your mind, find peace and re-gain time in your life.


What resources you will get?

* Daily Video Motivation!

-Via email you’ll get a daily video where I help you embrace the day and explain your specific Challenge goal. It will help you feel encouraged and supported as you take on your day.

* Free Weekly Printable Worksheet

-Beginning each week you’ll get a printable worksheet to fill out and set weekly habit goals, record your feelings, thoughts and predictions for your progress that week.

* Weekly Focus Scripture Verse

-Each printable worksheet contains a Focus Scripture Verse for the entire week. You can write it down, memorize it or use it as motivation to keep you going throughout each Challenge week.

* Free dowloadable Scripture Verse Image

-At the start of each week, you’ll get an email with a downloadable scripture verse image for you to share on your social media.

* Midweek Facebook Live Video Chat

-Once a week I’ll host a live Facebook Video Chat at the ShiWalksWithGod Facebook page to catch up and see how you’re doing. It’s a place of support for everyone to share their progress and gain encouragement to keep going.

The 2018 Intentional Living Challenge starts on Monday February 5th!